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Agrochemical runoff damages the environment and reduces crop profitability. Our Tunable Release platform controls the release of a wide variety of active ingredients through sustainable encapsulation chemistry.  Crop Enhancement’s technology retains the active ingredients where they are needed, and prevents their dispersion into the environment.  With less runoff, our formulations protect the environment, lower costs, and increase yields.

Innovating Sustainable Chemistry Formulations for Agriculture

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Improving Your Harvest with CropCoat Platform

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CropCoat Barrier Protects Against Pests

Enhancing crop yield sustainably, through environmentally friendly chemistry

Ag-Tech Investors Validate Our Commitment to Helping Farmers Sustainably Increase Crop Yield

Crop Enhancement is an agriculture technology company founded by David Soane Ph.D., a renowned serial entrepreneur and inventor in the field of materials science and surface chemistry. Crop Enhancement formulations employ advanced and environmentally friendly chemistry to eliminate or minimize pesticide use.  Our innovative platforms also enable precise and effective delivery of active agrochemicals.

Increasing Efficacy of Inputs and Reducing Runoff with Tunable Release Platform

​​About Crop Enhancement

Crop Enhancement is a venture-backed agriculture technology corporation based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded by renowned materials scientist and serial entrepreneur Dr. David Soane, Crop Enhancement is developing sustainable agrochemical formulations that employ advanced and environmentally friendly chemistry to improve crop yields, eliminate or minimize pesticide use, and enable precise and effective delivery of active ingredients and fertilizers.

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Our CropCoat platform uses nontoxic formulations to shield crops from pests and environmental damage.  Crop Enhancement has developed proprietary films and formulations that modify plant surfaces (leaves, stems, fruit, and seeds) to improve their resistance to pests and diseases and to decrease the need for harmful pesticides. By simply applying a microlayer of CropCoat to their plants, farmers can combat insect penetration and fungus growth. Successful field trials show that CropCoat is easy to spray, and more robust, safe, and effective than other commercial products.

MLS Capital Fund II (co-managed by Spruce Capital Partners and Xeraya Capital) and 1955 Capital co-led the round, with additional financing from Bandgap Ventures. Original investor Phoenix Venture Partners also participated.  This new funding enables the company to accelerate the development and commercialization of its sustainable agrochemical products.

Crop Enhancement Secures $8.5M in Series B Funding